Will You Marry Me?

With a certain romantic holiday occurring in February, we’re confident engagement announcements will be made around the fourteenth. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we asked some of our favorite local couples to share how they said yes.



David Sabin and Lindsay Autry

Because she’s a chef and he’s the organizer of the Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival, David knew the event was the perfect setting to ask Lindsay to marry him. When she arrived to the festival’s welcome party event at The Breakers, David escorted Lindsay to the oceanfront under the premise that they needed photos of just the two of them. Friend and photographer Lauren Liberman of LILA PHOTO followed, along with a few loved ones. “David seemed unusually talkative with me,” Lindsay says, adding, “I thought it was a bit strange that we were walking away from the party, not to mention that several people were tagging along.” Her confusion was cleared when David descended to one knee and asked her to marry him. “We were welcomed back to the party with lots of love from all of our friends and family,” David says. “At the reception, Master Sommelier Virginia Philip sabered three bottles of Champagne—one for love, one for happiness and one for perseverance.” But the celebration wasn’t over when the events were: “Once the festival weekend was over, Joan Bever and Jeff Fowler from The Breakers arranged for us to stay in the iconic Royal Poinciana Suite overlooking the South Ocean Lawn in the exact spot where I proposed,” David says.



Lawson and Beth Aschenbach

(as told by Beth): “After Lawson threw me off with an unexpected trip to the Hamptons, we got engaged the following weekend at the Soho Beach House in South Beach. What was suppose to be a quick trip to meet up with his older brother (again … he tricked me!) turned into a pleasant surprise when he got down on one knee as both of our families emerged from the kitchen! It was a night I will never forget as he proposed under the beautiful lit trees and strung lights at Cecconi’s. We all laugh after watching the video because I start to blurt yes before he was able to get the words out!”



Mo Foster and Sally Savareid

Mo and Sally got engaged the day before they flew to Norway to broadcast from the 1994 Winter Olympic Games. They were hosting a morning radio show in Roanoke, Virginia. The management of the station did not want them to let their listeners know they were a couple, so they could not talk about it on their show. “Mo wanted to propose at the Olympic Games, but he was worried about losing the ring during the long trip to Norway, so he popped the question in his home the night before,” Sally says. “And yes, he did get down on one knee.”



Clay and Averill Conley

(As told by Averill): “It was spring 2000; we were living together in Washington, D.C. at the time. The day was a little more romantic than usual but nothing to really clue me in. We packed a picnic basket and had lunch outdoors on the National Mall. It was a gorgeous, cool, sunny day. We then spent the afternoon at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, a place I’d been asking to visit since we moved there. It wasn’t until we got home in the evening—after carrying the ring around with him the entire day!—that he proposed. Afterward, we ordered in our favorite Chinese (shell-on salt-crusted shrimp!), and then went out for dessert and Champagne.”



Jay and Kelly Cashmere

(as told by Jay): “I told Kelly on a Friday to pack a bag—we were going on a mini vacation to decompress. The next morning, we flew to San Francisco and drove to Half Moon Bay, where I had reserved a room at The Ritz-Carlton. We grabbed a half bottle of Champagne and two flutes and made our way to the ocean. Just as breaks of sunshine pierced through the clouds offshore, I knew my moment had arrived. The joy that overcame us when I hit a knee was overwhelming, and I was so excited to look into her eyes and say, ‘The only thing that would make this moment better is if you would be my wife.’ We toasted, took pictures and took time to reflect on the moment. I will always remember the look on Kelly’s face when that ring went on her finger. Months of planning culminated in an adventure that took a few seconds but will last a lifetime!”

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