Brunch lovers, rejoice! On top of their popular $22 summer special of unlimited mussels and French fries offered every Thursday through October, local French-Canadian restaurant Chez L’Epicier is offering a free brunch for two.

Valid through Mother’s Day 2017, this brunch package has a value of up to $125 (including beverages and food) and can be used for any of the delicious items on the restaurant’s brunch menu (see below, menu is subject to change).

Veronique’s scrambled eggs jar with marinated cherry tomatoes


  • ½ warm grapefruit, ginger sugar and mint $4
  • Greek yogurt panna cotta, granola, strawberry $7
  • Avocado tartine, lemon oil, chili flakes $9
  • Caramelized onion and eggplant bruschetta, mortadella and pistachio $10
  • Smoked salmon deviled eggs $3 each
  • Greek salad, tomato, bell pepper, shrimp, whipped feta $14

Main Course

  • Poached egg, mushrooms, potato foam, persillade breadcrumb $12
  • Veronique’s scrambled eggs jar, marinated cherry tomatoes $13
  • Beef and bacon burger, French fries $17, Add cheddar cheese +$3
  • Buttermilk chicken fingers, Dijon honey sauce, potato wedges, apple coleslaw $20
  • Dijon mussels and French fries $20
  • Classic salmon tartar, whipped dill cream, marinated cucumber, croutons $18
  • Waffle, chocolate-coffee sauce, grilled banana $14


  • Poutine $9
  • French fries $6
  • Thick sliced bacon $8
  • Meat pie $4 per slice
  • Side of homemade toast $3.50 for 2 units

Sweet Tooth

  • Salted caramel bread pudding $10
  • 4 strawberry rhubarb doughnuts $12
  • Oatmeal crème brûlée $9
  • Fruit salad, mango sorbet $8
  • White chocolate and yuzu bagatelle, berries $7

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*Call for reservations. Chez L’Epicier will be closed for three weeks in September.

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