Wine and Health

Hardly a week seems to pass without several news stories highlighting the connection between wine and health. Study after study Glass of red wine, beneficial for healthsuggests that moderate consumption of wine is beneficial for controlling cholesterol and blood pressure, avoiding cancer and enhancing memory.

   Consumers who are interested in exploring the connection between wine and health should set aside a few hours on Thursday, April 3, for a special series of seminars put together by Monty Preiser. Originally an attorney, Preiser (like Robert Parker) got bitten by the wine bug. He now divides his time between Palm Beach County and the Napa Valley, where he publishes The Preiser Key to Napa and Sonoma, an authoritative guide to restaurants and tourism; he is also a partner in the award-winning Shadowbox Cellars.


Thursday’s program will take place at 32 East in Delray Beach:

4:00 p.m. – 4:40: Exercise Properly for Quality of Life with Charles Thibodeau

As a top exercise physiologist at Pritikin, Charlie not only has a hands-on influence with the attendees, but researches and teaches it as well

4:40 – 5:20:  Salt, Blood Pressure, and Avoiding Strokes with Jay Kenney

-Dr. Kenney is one of the world’s leading researchers and lecturers on this subject. He regularly teaches at the prestigious Pritikin Institute. Prepare to be stunned.

5:20- 6:00: Relieving Stress thru Mindfulness Practices with Diane Breneman

 –Diane, an attorney, will share the scientific proof that one’s mind can be retrained and one’s mental and physical health can be markedly improved thru meditation.

6:00 – 6:45: Winemaking for the Non-Winemaker with Steve Reynolds

– Steve is one of the premiere owners/winemakers in Napa. His wines consistently win top awards, and he is a master speaker and teacher, as well as being a delightful guy.

7:00 – 9:15: Reynolds Family Wine Dinner

With owner and winemaker Steve Reynolds

On Saturday, April 5, a parallel set of seminars will occur at Arturo’s Ristorante in Boca Raton, featuring Rich Frank of Napa’s Frank Family, and concluding with a sparkling wine luncheon. In between, on April 4, the American Fine Wine Competition will hold its annual gala at the Boca Raton Resort and Club.

  • For tickets, contact Monty Preiser at 561-212-9723561-212-9723, and raise a glass to your health.


Mark Spivak is the author of Iconic Spirits: An Intoxicating History, published by Lyons Press; his second book, Moonshine Nation, is forthcoming from Lyons Press in June. For more information, go to

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