August Reading Takes on a New Meaning

The summer season may be sleepy in South Florida, but fine art is thriving at Rosenbaum Contemporary. In July and August, the Boca Raton gallery will present a pair of exhibitions highlighting works by two contemporary masters. First up is “Summer Reading,” featuring Thomas Hartmann’s book-themed paintings, including With Ladder (Way Out), on display July 6 to August 5. Typically drawn to urban scenes and largescale landscapes, Hartmann sought solace in libraries and amid towering piles of tomes for this series, which tests the tension between order and chaos. Afterward, Rosenbaum shakes things up and goes from literature to rock and roll with “The Kings: English.” British artist Ron English has garnered international acclaim for his pop culture–centric pieces that reimagine classic cartoon characters, branding icons, and American presidents. English tackles Elvis in this exhibition taking place August 10 to September 9. (561-994-9180)

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