Award for Institutional Excellence

    1. Allamanda

    Allamanda is celebrating 55 years as an elementary school; in 2013, we became the first Health/Wellness Choice School in PBCSD.  The initiative began when our principal and program coordinator watched Allamanda students running across the finish line at “Walk Now for Autism Speaks.”  Since then, our diverse population of students, including 140+ children on the autism spectrum, 60% free/reduced lunch, have run, danced, golfed, swam, volleyed, learned nutrition, educated families, while maintaining an “A”, and strong academics, including Advanced Math Placement.  We have won awards, but awards and accolades pale when compared to the feeling of family, sensitivity, understanding, and empathy for the differences of others felt when entering campus.   


    Our students have participated in 40+ community races, Millrose Foundation covering registration fees.  We partner with Kiwanis sponsoring “Strive 5 for the Hive” 5K race/3K walk, attended by hundreds of runners, walkers, students, families. We inaugurated a golf tournament, “Drive for the Hive.” We hold an annual Health/Wellness Expo, where dozens of business partners offer samples and demonstrations.


    We are honored to be multi-year recipients of Teamwork USA’s grant allowing us to offer keyboard/instrument labs. From family walks in our Environmental Learning Center, mindfulness exercises in our Zen Zone, yoga, Pero Family Farms new foods on Try-Day Friday, our students thrive – healthy, fit, engaged. Whether neurotypical or on the spectrum, Allamanda’s students lead us into tomorrow, emotionally nourished, eager to succeed, armed with sustainable habits to last their lifetimes – and to benefit future generations. 

    2. Florida Atlantic University

    Spanning 110 miles Southeast Florida’s coast, Florida Atlantic University is an energetic, fast-growing institution determined to propel itself to the forefront of innovation and scholarship. The University proudly serves more than 30,000 students across six campuses, and delivers an annual economic impact of $6.3 billion.

    Through award-winning advising and career services, FAU provides students with the skills to turn their dreams into reality. The University has earned national recognition for student outcomes and is proudly ranked as the most diverse public university in Florida.

    FAU has a long history as an ethnically diverse institution, and it is consistently ranked as a Top 100 provider of undergraduate and graduate degrees to minorities.

    FAU is home to several nationally ranked programs, including: business, nursing, rehabilitation, public affairs, online education and honors. Distinguished faculty foster dynamic learning environments where research-focused curriculum, fellowships and assistantships give students the opportunity to work with world-renowned researchers.

    The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at FAU offers intellectually enriching educational experiences to older adults in state-of-the-art facilities on the Boca Raton, Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale campuses and has almost 15,000 participating members.

    In early 2019, FAU opened its first University-operated primary care physician practice in Boca Raton. Managed by FAU’s Schmidt College of Medicine, FAU Medicine offers adult primary care and preventive health services to the community.

    At FAU, determination runs deep. The University is dedicated to creating the next generation of bold, ambitious students, ready to tackle today’s most challenging issues.

    3. Grandview Preparatory School

    Grandview Preparatory School, located in Boca Raton, Florida, takes its mission of personalized learning to the next level with programs built around the interests and talents of its students (PK3-Grade 12). As a small yet diverse group of learners, Grandview seeks to develop individual and collective potential by keeping matters of the heart as prioritized as matters of the mind.

    The curricular design at Grandview, based on inquiry and innovation, recognizes that students must participate actively, not only with information and materials but also with the ‘why we care’ aspect of educational challenges. Brain research shows that deep learning experiences become a part of a student’s identity when they have both voice and choice in the process.

    The Grandview learning formula starts with foundational skills, adding increased student agency as students grow into themselves. Through design challenges and arts integration to build empathy, meta-cognition exercises to encourage ‘thinking about thinking’, and collaborative projects that require social and academic accountability, Grandview students develop a growth mindset about learning and an awareness of the equal importance of all voices at the table.

    Recent student successes include the 2018 Florida Wildlife Youth Educator of the Year Award, the Google Education and the Center for Policing Equity 2018 Young Justice Nerds Award (Washington, DC), Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank finalists’ published book in 2019 “Equal & Empowered”, acceptance in Florida Atlantic University’s Barb Schmidt Fellowship for social change, and state-level recognition at 2019’s Energy Whiz Expo.

    3. The Conservatory School

    The Conservatory School is a traditional public school conceived in the notion that connection and relationships are vital to human learning.  In 2010 using El Sistema as a model for music instruction, this school embraced a vision of possibility for all children. A tiny troupe of young musicians, aged 5-9, filled the first music classrooms that year, purposefully created to democratize instrumental music making participation and excellence within reach for all children regardless of race, income, or access. Now hundreds of children learn to play musical instruments on this campus each year.

    During the nearly 10 years since, we have taken that vision of possibility and expanded it across academic content and grade level spans. In partnership with grass-roots local foundations and arts entities, and working as a collaborative academic and music team, The Conservatory School has changed trajectories for hundreds of children. Our state assessment scores over time demonstrate that engaging children in a collaborative community making music as well as working on inquiry together, moves children from challenges in learning, to advanced work. Our vision of possibility opens the door to bringing new thinking to the classroom – Harkness discussions only found in prestigious preparatory schools sparks life into our upper grade classrooms, inquiry frameworks typical to independent schools thrive in our primary grades, and project-based learning found its Palm Beach County ground-zero at TCS. Teaching and learning immersed in possibility; that children can explore, write, create, share their voice and ideas, and that this opportunity is vital for all human beings, is the heartbeat of our school.

    Our communities need well informed well-spoken citizens with the strength of character to make our world better through innovation, art, and leadership. We invite the community to come and participate with us and we thank those who already have.

    4. The Greene School

    The Greene School, located in West Palm Beach, is at the cutting edge of education, providing next generation learning through a diverse and challenging STEAM program. Students from early childhood through eighth grade are encouraged to be joyful, curious, and confident as they excel on many different levels in an environment that keeps them challenged and excited to learn. The school embraces lifelong learning by preparing students to analyze situations, make decisions, solve problems, and communicate effectively in a dynamic world. The personalized learning approach incorporates individualized attention; hands-on experiential learning; and a stimulating, well-rounded curriculum. The Greene School is dedicated to cultivating the unique nature and potential of each student through an academically advanced curriculum including literacy, math, social studies, science, Spanish, computer science, engineering, visual arts, dance, drama, music, fitness, yoga, and mindfulness. The school is also committed to providing a nurturing and caring environment, while also building kindness and compassion through a number of programs and activities including community service. What make Greene so special is that students are given the tools and encouragement to flourish based on their own unique talents and interests. Some recent accolades include: the robotics team earned the Gracious Professionalism Award at the FIRST LEGO League International Open in Uruguay; a fifth-grade student won the Florida state-level Daughters of American Revolution essay contest; students placed third in the Florida Scholastic Press Association state film competition; and the K-1 chess team placed second in the Florida State Chess Scholastic Championship.

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