The Flying White House

Palm Beach County residents saw a lot of Air Force One this year. But what lies inside this remarkable aircraft? Here, we take a look at its features by the numbers.

  • 747: The term Air Force One literally refers to any Air Force aircraft carrying the president. For the last half-century, however, it has denoted specific planes designed for the sole purpose of transporting the commander in chief. Currently, Air Force One refers to two custom Boeing 747-200B series airplanes.
  • 4,000: Air Force One measures 4,000 square feet, including three levels and a presidential suite with an office, a bathroom, and a conference room. There’s also an operating room, and a doctor is always onboard.
  • 70: The middle level has accommodations for up to 70 passengers, with work areas for media, security, and other personnel. It can hold 26 crewmembers, too.
  • 100: Between the plane’s two food galleys, it is capable of feeding up to 100 people at a time.
  • 232: The plane is 232 feet long, 63 feet tall, and has a wingspan of 196 feet.
  • 833,000: It weighs roughly 833,000 pounds when fully loaded.
  • 620: Even at that weight, Air Force One can hit speeds of 620 miles per hour—about 40 mph faster than similar commercial aircrafts.
  • 8,000: Air Force One has a range of 8,000 miles when unrefueled. But, it has the ability to be refueled midair, resulting in an unlimited flight range.
  • 85: There are 85 phones onboard. Some of them are beige, denoting a secure connection, while others are white and used for unclassified conversations. Between phone calls, staffers can catch up on the news using one of the plane’s 20 TVs
Pretoria, South Africa -June 30, 2013 : President Barak Obama flies past in Air Force One after leaving Waterkloof Air Force base during his African tour.

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