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Lois Pope - Palm Beach BeautiesLois Pope | Founder of The Lois Pope LIFE Foundation, and Leaders in Furthering Education (LIFE)


Trying to gauge how many lives Lois Pope has touched is difficult to fathom. One of the country’s most prominent philanthropists, Lois is the founder of The Lois Pope LIFE Foundation and Leaders in Furthering Education (LIFE). Both organizations are committed to helping and improving the lives of the voiceless and vulnerable in society by providing aid, assistance and awards for disabled veterans, medical research, college scholarships, humanitarian relief, the performing arts and animal welfare.

   Her dedication to raising awareness for those who have sacrificed for the good of the country led Lois to help create the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial and the Disabled Veterans’ LIFE Memorial Foundation. The memorial is the nation’s first and only permanent public tribute to the more than three million living disabled American veterans, the hundreds of thousands who have since died and the many who will come in the future

   Lois’ current project, LIFE’s partnership with the American Humane Association, aims to protect the voiceless and vulnerable in society: children and animals. Armed with the 50-foot-long Lois Pope Red Star Rescue Vehicle, which doubles as a first responder and outreach service, she serves as an ally for the animal residents of Palm Beach County when facing natural disasters and cruelty cases. Vote for Lois Pope below.

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