Tanzy Exclusive: Cocktail recipes

Boca Raton's Tanzy restaurant shares their Heisenberg and Norma Jean cocktail recipes.

Heisenberg cocktail


4 liters of vodka
100 grams of Rare Tea Cellars Lemon Berry Tea
3 lemons (only use the skin)
1 cup blueberries
1 cup fresh cranberries (seasonal as the berries are more for show. The flavor and the color comes from the Tea.

Run this through the Heizenberg at least twice on slow and the Lemon Berry vodka will be ready. If you like a little sweetness you can add some honey within the tea, berry and lemon mixture. About a cup would be enough. You can replace the Honey with Agave syrup.

For the “The Norma Jean” we use the lemon berry infused vodka.
In a highball;
Fill with ice
2 ounces of lemon berry vodka
Fill glass with All-Natural brand fresh strawberry lemonade
Garnish with strawberry salsa and mint spr

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