On Stage: “Unlikely Heroes”

The Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center will set the stage for the world premiere of first-time playwright Charles Gluck on January 28 when the family dramedy Unlikely Heroes comes to life. On stage through February 21, Avi Hoffman has been tapped to direct and star in the play alongside some South Florida’s most talented thespians.

   “What I love most about Unlikely Heroes is even though the play is so serious – it has some seriously funny moments,” said Hoffman. “Only really great plays can mix that comedy and drama together in such a wonderful and integrated way.”

Unlikely Heroes - Mizner Park Culturl Arts Center

   The play, written by a retired Gastroenterologist who performed stand-up on his free time, tackles some rather serious themes—the strength of familial bonds and illness—while still managing to bring the laughs.

   “Unlikely Heroes is a play about circumstance and dynamics,” explains Gluck.  “It speaks to the fragility of stability and the delicate nature of ‘normal’ familial relationships. It’s a play about family – a dysfunctional family – but I don’t know any that aren’t to some degree,” he continues. “They’re living very happily until an event occurs which could undermine and ultimately fracture the already tenuous ties that bind them together. And everyone is changed forever. And there are characters in the play you wouldn’t expect to rise and really stand up and take control of this situation, and those are my Unlikely Heroes.”

  • Unlikely Heroes will take the stage from January 28-February 21. Showtimes are Wednesday through Saturday, 8 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 2 p.m. Tickets cost $35. For more information, visit unlikelyheroesplay.com.

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