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Best Kitchen Blog

In her small Jupiter kitchen, Dianna Muscari has concocted hundreds of delicious meals: sear-roasted haddock with blood-orange salsa; sparkling guava coolers; amaretto pumpkin pie. Her best dish, though, is a combination of recipes, vivid photography and heartfelt stories—the ingredients for her cheerful blog, The Kitchen Prep. A self-taught cook, writer and food photographer, the South Florida native reinvents recipes or creates her own from scratch. More than just a virtual cookbook, The Kitchen Prep is also a public journal sprinkled with compelling snippets from Muscari’s life—like how she’s expecting her first child in November, the impetus for her recent “mocktail” experiments. A true DIYer, Muscari uses her Canon to photograph each dish in her “studio”—aka, her living room coffee table, which only adds to The Kitchen Prep’s labor-of-love essence. “My life revolves around food,” Muscari says. “Whether I’m on vacation or making a weeknight meal or thinking about what I want to eat, I’m always thinking about how I can share it on the blog, make it relevant and connect with people.”


The Kitchen Prep - Dianna Muscari - Best Kitchen Blog


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