Rhyme Time: Palm Beach Poetry Festival

Looking for a good time? Get ready to rhyme.

Starting January 19 and lasting six days, the Palm Beach Poetry Festival deserves much praise.

Workshops and readings from poets fill the air at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts at Old School Square.

Though we dare not claim to be Whitman or Poe, we hope you enjoy our Palm Beach musing below. (561-868-2063)


Mangrove Fringe
By Stephen Brown
Adrift, a pod bobs looking for hold.
Crowns of calcite jut and small crustaceans cling, claiming the slick green stalk for their own;
a domain for wanderers at sea.
Biting into salty muck, the spider trees grow and creep, spreading a canopy over tangled, twisted legs.
Dappled sunlight paints the murk, a croaking jungle of evolutionary delight,
while submerged life holds its breath when roots lift from the sea, the lunar weight pulling bark bare.
The tides wash and they drown.
We watch from our place—
it’s a quiet flood
but a good one.

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