Roots of Love

Amanda Schumacher
Amanda Schumacher | Capehart Photography

Amanda Schumacher’s passion for philanthropy began at home. The wife of Chuck Schumacher, president of the Schumacher Automotive Group, Amanda could provide her five children with ample material possessions, but she wanted to instill in them a need to give. Inspired by her religion and commitment to God, she decided to teach by example.

One day, while she was driving in Riviera Beach, she was called to pick up a homeless woman and help her get back on her feet. That one good deed led her to establish the Tree of Life Foundation International, a charitable organization that advocates for underserved individuals and populations around the world.

“This is not about the ones who have,” Amanda says. “It’s about the ones who don’t have, and they need to be heard.”

The Tree of Life Foundation comprises branches that address an array of needs, like education, homelessness, human rights, and medical concerns. The organization aims to restore lives, with Amanda acting as the visionary behind global action initiatives. She calls herself a consolidator who uses her resources to make connections in order to better a community. Whether it’s uniting an ill Vietnamese man with life-saving care or communing with disadvantaged women in the Congo, Amanda makes empowering people her number one priority. “I’ve got a heart and perseverance that won’t stop. It’s like a locomotive.”

Here in Palm Beach County, Amanda’s main project is the Tree of Life Center. Located in West Palm Beach, the center houses 35 men and women who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction and are homeless. During a six-month program—which is totally free and funded by the Schumacher Family Foundation—these individuals prepare to enter society through prayer, responsibility, and cooperation. “Instead of people helping them, they’re helping themselves,” Amanda says.

One main source of funds for the center comes from the Tree of Life Designer Store, an upscale consignment shop specializing in antiques, fine art, home decor, and women’s clothing. Beyond its beautiful offerings, the store reflects Amanda’s vision of transformation, as a graduate from the center helped her establish and grow the enterprise.

“It takes a community to make a difference, and everyone has a piece in it,” Amanda says. “All I’m trying to do is consolidate.”



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