31 Days of Noodles

Kapow’s Saigon Duck Pho

March marks National Noodle Month, and one of Palm Beach’s premier Asian restaurants has taken note. Through March 31, Kapow in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton will highlight a different dish daily from their carefully cultivated cultural menu.

“National Noodle Month is the perfect way for Kapow to showcase our noodle dishes in a fun and innovative way,” says Vaughan Dugan, co-owner of Kapow. “During our month-long celebration, you will get to experience a variety of our chef’s signature creations that demonstrate unique and diverse flavors from around the world.”

Whether you are a noodle aficionado, looking for a reason to celebrate with friends, or simply searching to please your palate—the 31 Day of Noods is the perfect reason to indulge in the ritz of ramen.

Kapow’s March Menu:

3/7 Duck Pho

3/8 Chilled Chinatown Sesame Noodles

3/9 Lobster Ramen

3/10 Soft Shell Crab Curry “Khao Soi”

3/11 Pork Belly Ramen

3/12 Truffled Duck Udon Soup

3/13 Vegetable Ramen

3/14 Singapore Noodle

3/15 Crispy Pig Ear Pad Thai

3/16 Garlic King Crab Noodle

3/17 Korean “Japchae”

3/18 Shrimp Pad Thai

3/19 Dan Dan Noodle

3/20 Wild Mushroom Chow Fun

3/21 Thai Shrimp Pad Se Ew

3/22 Skirt Steak Lo Mein

3/23 Lobster Ramen

3/24 Duck Pho

3/25 Chilled Chinatown Sesame Noodles

3/26 Soft Shell Crab Curry “Khao Soi”

3/27 Pork belly Ramen

3/28 Vegetable Ramen

3/29 Truffled Duck Udon Soup

3/30 Crispy Pig Ear Pad Thai

3/31 Garlic King Crab Noodle

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