4 Authentic Palm Beach Gifts

These local artisans make it easy to give gifts as authentic as Palm Beach itself.

Working across varied mediums, from the written word to spirits, these local artists transformed their visions into items you can hold in your hand—or wear around your neck. Each is available locally and makes a great gift for hosts and holidaymakers this season.

1. How to Succeed

Compiled by motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author, and longtime local Jill Liberman, Success Factor X is a coffee-table book with portraits of 50 successful people—from self-made billionaires to Emmy-winning actors to Olympic gold medalists—and their thoughts on success. “I founded a company called Choose Happy—and wrote a book by the same name—and speak all over the world spreading the message that happiness is a choice,” says Liberman. “It seemed like a logical next topic, after writing and speaking about happiness, to inspire people on success. Sean Kanan was in my first book, American Pride; I called to wish him a happy birthday, and we were talking about how we both wanted to do something to inspire others. We hung up the phone as writing partners.” A portion of the book’s profits benefit the American Red Cross. 

2. Here’s to Family

The fully Floridian father-son venture Steel Tie Spirits, makers of Black Coral Rum, relocated to the Warehouse District in West Palm Beach this summer. Ben and Clint Etheridge started with sips from a shared mason jar; soon after, they built their own stills. Since his father’s passing, Ben continues to source ingredients locally, infuse by hand, and produce small-batch spirits on-site. This year, Steel Tie debuted a vodka crafted in collaboration with brand manager John Moore; gin is next. “We worked at it for months until we had a vodka smooth enough to be sipped straight,” Moore says. “There are no low-quality ingredients that need to be masked, so it’s only distilled twice, and we filter it with carbons from Florida coconut husks.” Visitors can stop by for tours, tastings, and take-home bottles. 

3. Hometown Tome

Clairborne Swanson Frank Photography

In a new Assouline book titled Palm Beach ($85), which hit shelves in October, Aerin Lauder takes readers on a visual journey of area history alongside her own tips, memories, and stories from decades spent in Palm Beach—many with her grandmother Estée. “Assouline has the most amazing edit of vintage and current Palm Beach photographs, which I loved mixing with personal images that are so special to me,” Lauder says. “My family has so much heritage in Palm Beach, and I am honored to be partnering with Assouline to share one of my favorite places.” 

4. Sun Salutation

Daniel Jenkins, corporate director of retail at CJ Laing, launched a jewelry line inspired by ancient Greek and Roman pieces that express a love of nature, especially the sun. Ojo de Sol, his collection of adjustable hammered-brass necklaces and beaded earrings, is made using organic elements, and a percentage from each sale brings renewable energy to those in need. “I’ve been creating jewelry since I was young—a bracelet for a friend or trying to make something handmade for my mom,” says Jenkins. “After years in corporate retail and seeing trends in women’s fashion evolve, I felt compelled to create again, so I took a jewelry-making class at the Armory Art Center. Some of my first pieces were made available through CJ Laing. After many months of development and collaboration, and most importantly with the help of my husband, Alan, who currently serves as art and production director at Stubbs & Wootton, we launched our website on the summer solstice.” 

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