4 Local Chefs Share their Grilling Go-Tos and Tips

Photography by Jordan Vilonna

Aaron Black | PB Catch

Chef Black supervises the island’s premier raw bar and seafood house that focuses on local and sustainable catches.

Preferred Cut of Meat: Leg of Lamb
Best Fish: Whole dorade, because of the fat content
Favorite Vegetable: Artichokes
Preferred Seasoning Rub: Wet Jamaican Jerk
Charcoal, Wood, or Propane: Charcoal
Useful Tips for the Home Cook: Move coals continuously for an even bed, and rest before serving
Most Common Mistake: Not waiting for the coals to burn off and create perfect, even heat.
Preferred Grilling Beverage: Terrapin HI-5 IPA

South Moon Photography

Ralph Lewis | Okeechobee Steakhouse

Lewis owns Florida’s oldest steak house (a West Palm institution since 1947), whose kitchen puts out approximately 3,000 pounds of steak each week.

Preferred Cut of Meat: Prime bone-in, dry aged ribeye
Best Fish: Local Snapper
Favorite Vegetable: Vidalia onions
Preferred Seasoning Rub: Kosher salt and coarse, ground black pepper
Charcoal, Wood, or Propane: Natural lump wood charcoal
Useful Tips for the Home Cook: Use a nonstick spray such as Pam (on the grill and lightly on the food).
Most Common Mistake: Not letting the grill get hot enough.
Preferred Grilling Beverage: Sweet tea


Miguel Santiago | Galley

Santiago is the executive  chef at this Hilton West Palm Beach restaurant, where  the grills are named after Stephen King novels.

Preferred Cut of Meat: Bone-in ribeye
Best Fish: Swordfish
Favorite Vegetable: Ripe plantains, for their sweetness
Preferred Seasoning Rub: Salt, pepper, coriander, cumin, and smoked paprika
Charcoal, Wood, or Propane: Wood and charcoal
Useful Tips for the Home Cook: Use a thermometer, and make sure it’s calibrated.
Most Common Mistake: Rushing. Wait for the wood or coals to get hot enough.
Preferred Grilling Beverage: A lager

Eduardo Schneider Photography
(Tyrell right)

Bryan Tyrell | Pig-Sty BBQ

Pitmaster Tyrell earned his stripes in Kansas City by winning the American Royal World Series of Barbecue two years in a row.

Preferred Cut of Meat: Thick pork chops
Best Fish: Tuna steak
Favorite Vegetable: A grilling basket of red onions, red peppers, mushrooms, summer squash, and zucchini
Preferred Seasoning Rub: For ribs, sea salt, onion powder, and raw sugar for a sticky crust
Charcoal, Wood, or Propane: Charcoal
Useful Tips for the Home Cook: Use timers. One minute is the difference between medium-rare and medium.
Most Common Mistake: Overcooking. Remember that the food will continue to cook after you pull it off the grill.
Preferred Grilling Beverage: Deep Eddy ruby red grapefruit vodka and club soda

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