A Guide to the Murals of Rosemary Square

Rosemary Square is reimagining the shopping, dining, and entertainment experience by infusing art into its surrounds. Culture Corps and Ashley Capps, founder and CEO of Gravity, have led this initiative by commissioning artists to create stunning murals. Check them out with help from our guide.

1. Technical Difficulties

Photography by Indie House Films

Location: On the back of CultureLab Artist: Cayla Birk Inspiration: Birk conceptualizes contemporary social and cultural topics by alluding to popular iconography, musical lyricism, and slang, while also commenting on how social media affects the modern world. “Large-scale murals are often a photo op that gets splashed across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,” Birk says. “It is in this moment of using phones to capture my work that the viewer may realize that they too are guilty of this perpetual behavior.”

2. Home Away from Home

Location: First floor of Gardenia Garage Artist: Frankie Cihi Inspiration: After learning that Wakayama Prefecture in Japan is Florida’s sister jurisdiction, Cihi—who is half-American and half-Japanese—decided to depict Wakayama Castle floating amidst cherry blossom clouds. “This mural not only represents my own layered cultural identity, but also allowed me to explore the theme of globalization and the unification of two separate worlds,” she says. Also by Cihi: Hybrid Infinity, located on the Quadrille-facing side of Hibiscus Garage

3. Growing Good series

Location: Hibiscus, Gardenia, and Sapodilla garages Artist: Sarah LaPierre Inspiration: This three-part mural series depicts blooming flowers that correspond with each of the garages. “It was created with good vibes and lots of vibrant, uplifting colors to make any passerby feel a little brighter,” explains LaPierre.

4. Palmbetch in Her Natural Environment

Location: First floor of Sapodilla Garage Artist: Charles Bane Inspiration: Bane set out to depict the moment of zen we find when relaxing in paradise. Though his point of reference was an image Natasha Rawding took while on vacation, the South Florida artist notes that his piece evokes a feeling all locals and visitors can relate to.

4. City Sunset

Location: Roof elevator of Hibiscus Garage Artist: Lisa Kaw Inspiration: For her first-ever mural, Kaw, who lives in West Palm Beach, wanted to celebrate the beauty of the western city view. “Many of the condos and office buildings downtown enjoy spectacular sunsets,” she says. “As the day winds down each evening, warm colors dance across the darkening blue sky, and atop the garage, this mural joins in.” Also by Kaw: West Palm Waves, fourth-floor elevator of Hibiscus Garage

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