Amici Market is a Perfect 10

In celebration of the Palm Beach market's tenth anniversary, we’re highlighting 10 market staples we can’t get enough of

Maurizio Ciminella
Photos by Michael Price

When Amici Market opened on Palm Beach in November 2010, it created a new hybrid concept: a gourmet market that operated like an upscale restaurant. Owners Bob and Gudrun Cuillo, also the proprietors of Livernano and Casalvento wineries in Tuscany, tapped local restaurateur Maurizio Ciminella as their managing partner. Rooted in the community and familiar with the clientele, Ciminella was able to bring a hands-on level of personal service to the operation. In celebration of Amici’s tenth anniversary, we’re highlighting 10 market staples we can’t get enough of.

1. The caviar selection—18 total—ranging from domestic hackleback and sushi masago to Russian osetra, Kaluga fusion, and imported Beluga imperial

2. Fresh white and black Italian truffles in season

3. An array of prepared food that can be shipped across the country overnight, not to mention yacht and private jet provisions

4. Organic, kosher, and specialty pasta not found anywhere else, along with regular and gluten-free rice for risotto

5. A juice bar serving smoothies, fresh-squeezed juices, and organic açai bowls

6. Extra-virgin olive oil from different regions of Italy, along with balsamic vinegar from Modena

7. An extensive selection of wine at competitive prices

8. Several dozen cheeses representing the finest of Italy and neighboring Europe

9. USDA Prime meat is used exclusively, with access to custom butchering.

10. A dedicated and personable staff, many of whom have been at the market from the beginning

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