Angela Voland “Go Getter” Makes It Seamless

Waterfront Condo Sales Specialist


“Angela is such a go getter.” Carol Barefield, and her husband Tom, have used Angela Voland for multiple transactions. Carol came to Angela pretty frustrated. “We were looking for homes and finding nothing. I eventually filled out something on one of Waterfront’s marketing websites.  I received a call from Angela immediately.”

Angela found and sold the Barefields a penthouse. Years later, when the time came to sell the penthouse, Angela sold it in just two days. “We were out of town. She got there with a photographer, shot these great photos and soon after called to say, ‘I think I have a buyer.’” Angela then found and sold the couple a large waterfront residence where they continue to reside for a portion of the year.

The Barefield’s experience isn’t a one off. This is the experience Angela and her marketing team at Waterfront consistently delivers.

A full-time resident of one of the barrier island’s premier condominium properties, Angela focuses in Singer Island and mainland waterfront condominium sales. Coming off 2018 sales of nearly $20 million, almost all of which were waterfront condominiums, Angela’s success is undeniable.

“I know these areas intimately,” Angela said.  “I know what each property offers and I’m very good at matching the right personality to the right property,” saving the seller and buyer time and energy. “I do a lot on my end to ensure my clients don’t have to.”

The same good working relationships she maintains with sellers and buyers, Angela enjoys with fellow agents. “It’s exciting for to me to find and sell a property, often before it hits the public market. With the combination of Waterfront’s marketing resources and the relationships I have built with top area brokers, I’m able to do just that.”

Almost all of her nearly $20 million 2018 sales went to buyers generated by Waterfront’s marketing websites. “Between Waterfront’s Internet presents and are top notch digital marketing, I have 20 people behind the scenes marketing my sellers’ properties.”

Waterfront Properties owner Rob Thomson said, “Angela’s secret is her preparation. What feels seamless, easy even, actually requires a ton of work on her part.” Asked to describe her intangible, Angela said, “enthusiasm.”

We agree.


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