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Annie Falk - Palm Beach BeautyAnnie Falk | Palm Beach Philanthropist

With a motto of “giving of oneself is the greatest gift you can offer humanity,”Annie Falk is an active and driving force in Palm Beach’s charitable works. Using her background in corporate event planning and a strong passion for humanitarian work, Falk has combined both to make an impact in countless charities and humanitarian aid. She has worked with Usher and the New Look Foundation in Las Vegas to raise support for Hurricane Katrina victims and first responders as well as Tom Cruise with the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project to aid sick rescue workers of the September 11 attacks along with organizations close to home, like the March of Dimes and Children’s Home Society of Florida. She helps create social events with heart, laying a ground work for philanthropic giving that goes well beyond soirees and galas.

Recently, Falk was the lead author of a lifestyle and recipe book, Palm Beach Entertaining: Creating Occasions to Remember, with the sole purpose of benefiting CHS.

Tireless and dedicated, Falk has and continues to make a difference for countless lives and families across the country with style, sophistication and a little panache.

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