Candid Coffee Opens Local Tap Room

Stop by the West Palm Beach locale for all things cold coffee, including cold-foam creations, take-home kits, and customizable growlers

Candid Coffee Tap Room in the West Palm Beach Warehouse District.<br/> Photo by AR Design
Candid Coffee Tap Room in the West Palm Beach Warehouse District.
Photo by AR Design

As our Florida summer blazes ever hotter, there’s no better way to cool down (and perk up) than with a refreshing iced coffee. For that, trust the local cold-coffee experts: West Palm Beach-based Candid Coffee specializes in all things cold brew. You won’t find a single hot drink in their repertoire, and that’s exactly how they like it.

After a successful couple of years on the local green market scene, husband-and-wife owners Bryan and Megan Jenkins spent the past year planning and renovating a space that they opened in April as the Candid Coffee tap room, where cold-coffee fanatics can satisfy their cravings with cold brew creations that rotate every few weeks—think coffee topped with cold foam flavored like Girl Scout cookies, chocolate strawberry, or funfetti cake batter—as well as staple brews from different origins. Both still and sweet, foamy nitrogen-infused cold brew is available.

Barista at Candid Coffee in West Palm Beach's Warehouse District, photo courtesy of Candid Coffee
Photo by AR Design

Caffeine fiends can sip their coffee in the space (there’s a small seating area) or purchase a take-home cold brew kit, which contains three packets that steep in water overnight to generate 10 cups of Candid Coffee’s signature smooth cold brew.

Candid Coffee pour, image courtesy of Candid Coffee
Photo courtesy of Candid Coffee

Another tap-room staple is the build-your-own growler program. Purchase a glass growler for $20 and then stop by each week to refill it however you like for $15—pick between still or nitro cold brew and then choose whether to add milk and flavored syrups or keep it black. Regulars can customize their growler to their preferences: milk options include half-and-half or whole, oat, or almond milk, and syrup flavors include vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and coconut.

The Candid Coffee tap room is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is located in the West Palm Beach Warehouse District at 1142 Okeechobee Road, unit 7. For more information, follow @candidcoffeeco on social media or visit the website. 

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