“Carol Prusa: Dark Light” Opens at the Boca Museum

A new exhibit makes it even more appealing to visit this South County gem.

In case you weren’t aware, the Boca Raton Museum of Art is offering free admission to all visitors during the month of August. Cue happy dance here.

Now there’s even more reason to make a sojourn south because the museum just opened a brand-new exhibit featuring the galactic-inspired work of a Boca-based artist. “Carol Prusa: Dark Light” features a curated handful of pieces that highlight Prusa’s curiosity with cosmology. And while this summer marked the fiftieth anniversary of the first time man walked on the moon, Prusa’s pieces focus more on the role of women in astronomy, a thread most prevalent in a suite of six prints dedicated to the field’s female pioneers.

The majority of pieces on display, however, were inspired by Prusa’s experiences seeing solar eclipses, first in 2007 in Nebraska and most recently while visiting Peru this past July. Mixed-media creations such as Nebula (2019, silverpoint, graphite, acrylic on acrylic dome with internal light) at once capture the euphoria Prusa felt during these instances and the vast unknowing of the universe. This feeling is echoed in mandala-like creations such as Between Day and Night and Luna (guardian), both made using silverpoint, graphite, and acrylic on a plexiglass circle.

While “Carol Prusa: Dark Light” is a small exhibition, it more than warrants a visit to the Boca Raton Museum of Art. While there, be sure to check out “Beyond the Cape: Comics and Contemporary Art” and “Contemporary Sculpture: Sam Anderson and Michael Dean,” both on display on the museum’s first floor. Return to the museum the evening of September 5 when Prusa will lead a talk on her artwork and the liminal space between knowing and not knowing.

Cosmic Web (for the Harvard Computers), Carol Prusa, 2018. This piece celebrates the women Harvard hired in the 1870s to analyze photographic plates from observatories.

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