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Those Dastardly Pirates

The Pirates of Penzance drops anchor at The Wick

City Slicker

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens kicks off its 2018-19 season with a new art exhibition featuring works by David Kapp.

Paradise Found

Few names are as intrinsically tied to Palm Beach County as Addison Mizner. The lauded architect—who famously strolled Worth Avenue with his pet monkey,...

7 Must-Attend Kravis Events

We highlight 7 must-attend events from the Kravis Center's 2018-19 season.

Playhouse For Sale

The City of West Palm Beach's Summer in Paradise activities come to a close July 26 with a special edition of Clematis by Night.

Movie Magic

The Historical Society of Palm Beach County explore Florida’s cinematic history.


The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County invites you to discover local arts and culture with MOSAIC.

Common Thread

Boundless creative freedom can be found in even the most archaic artistic mediums. Take tapestries, for example. Countless cultures employed these textile artworks for...

Art Affair at CityPlace

CityPlace prioritizes culture with the new Art Affair festival, taking place in downtown West Palm Beach April 6-15.

Fairy Tale Fun in West Palm

The City of West Palm Beach will build a Global Fairy Tale Village for its next Summer in Paradise art initiative.