Tips for Revamping a Work Space

Danielle Rollins shares her insights into transforming your home office into a chic productivity haven.

Photo by Nick Mele

Many have recently shifted to working remotely, resulting in a need for efficient yet tranquil home offices. “Creating a dedicated work space that is inviting and organized is an important part of being productive,” says Danielle Rollins, founder and creative director of Danielle Rollins Interiors. “The main things to keep in mind when choosing your special spot are sound, lighting, and function.” PBI caught up with Rollins, who resides in Palm Beach and Atlanta, to discuss designing a home office that encourages productivity and serenity.

PBI: When it comes to the feng shui of a home office, how can you make the most of the energy within that room?

Rollins: I think people feel better in edited, clutter-free, and clean spaces. Most of the time, productivity feels better when we are in a cozy-feeling but free-flowing space, with the ability to see around the overall space. I like to see who is entering and exiting the room around me, even if it’s just the dog.

What are your top tips for eliminating clutter in an office?

Touch it once and get rid of it, either filed or thrown away. As we become more digital, so much more can be digitally filed, eliminating the need for paper. Another thing is to select designated spaces for everything and adhere to using them, whether baskets, bins, or files.

Photo by Jeff Herr

Take 10 minutes at the end of each day to clean spaces, reorganize, and plan for the next day.

If someone doesn’t have a dedicated room for an office, where else could they set one up?

People don’t always use their dining rooms daily, and they can easily do double duty as a library/office. There’s already a table, so I advise skirting it and adding lamps, and there’s plenty of space for nearly concealed storage. A guest room can be quickly converted, or even consider taking over a closet within a space such as a guest room. California Closets and Ikea make modular systems that can be great options.

What considerations do you make when it comes to decorative pieces in a home office?

It’s a personal decision, but something living is always nice and a good day brightener. Good lighting is key, [as is having] plenty of out-of-sight outlets, even if it’s just an extension cord power strip. I’m not an overhead-light lover and strongly prefer lighting from sconces, bookcase and art lighting, and lamps. Art, no matter where it is placed, should be reflective of the taste of the owner. Pieces that make you feel pleasantly comforted will always have a home.

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