Cultural Council Celebrates Local Pollinators in Art

"Beyond Blossoms: The Power of Pollinators" features works from 43 Palm Beach County-based creative professionals, on view to June 22

Bodies Have Wings by Lara Chapman is on view in "Beyond Blossoms: The Power of Pollinators."
Bodies Have Wings by Lara Chapman is on view in “Beyond Blossoms: The Power of Pollinators.”

A pioneering exhibition of artwork that explores the vital and multifaceted role of pollinators in our ecosystem is now on view at the Cultural Council for Palm Beach County’s main gallery in downtown Lake Worth Beach.

Curated by artists and educators Wendy DesChene and Jeff Schmuki of the art collaborative PlantBot Genetics, “Beyond Blossoms: The Power of Pollinators,” is on view now to June 22 and features the work of 43 Palm Beach County-based creative professionals.

The exhibition features works by Ilene Adams, Jhonattan Arango, Milena Arango, Elliott Block, Barbara Bose, Anthony Burks, Eli Cecil, Lara Chapman, Joel Cohen, Liz Colomé, Pia Dugger, Julius Eb, Christine Ellinghausen, Carol Erenrich, Gail Erickson, Andrea Facusse, Mark Fletcher, Judy Gaggero, Daisy Galán, Richard Gobout, Arlet Gomez, Rose Gong Monier, Sofie Granthon, Andrew Hollimon, Clara Jejune, Autumn Kioti Horne, Scott Klimek, Victoria Rose Martin, Doreen McGunagle, Astrid Mora, Jo Ann Nava, Wendy Navarrete, Daniel Newcomb, Marion Roberts, Renata Rodrigues, Jamie Rodriguez, Ted Shaine, Valerie Solaas, Haydee Ullfig, Judy Van Horn, Bridget Vizoso, Carin Wagner and Barbara Ziev.

“Beyond Blossoms: The Power of Pollinators” showcases a broad range of work and styles, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional work, printmaking, photography, textiles, sculptures, and installations.

The exhibition will also include a site-specific installation of a large-scale wheat paste mural of mandalas based on photographs of the area’s pollinators (such as moths and salamanders) and magnified images of local pollen.

For more information about the exhibition, the featured artists, and the curators, visit

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