Getting to Know Isaac Levy

PBI chats with jewelry designer Isaac Levy on a few of his favorite things

Born in Buenos Aires and raised in Jerusalem, Isaac Levy first came to Palm Beach on business but continues to return for the sunshine. An acclaimed jewelry designer, Levy has exhibited his “Art to Wear” collection at fine art shows throughout South Florida and, together with his wife, Orna, has designated Boca Raton as home base for their fine jewelry company, Yvel. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and other sparkling gems frequently cameo in Yvel creations, but rare organic pearls are Levy’s signature. Complementing his design sensibility is his heart to help; he’s deeply dedicated to his his nonprofit philanthropic endeavor, the Israel-based Megemeria School of Jewelry and Art, which teaches and employs Ethiopian refugees in the art of jewelry-making and goldsmithing.

HAILS FROM Jerusalem, Israel
DIAMONDS OR PEARLS Pearls. Pearls and people are amazingly alike: They look the same from afar but are all unique upon closer inspection.
PROUDEST CAREER MOMENT Fatherhood is my No. 1 career, so it would have to be watching my son win the 2019 European waterskiing championship.
BINGE WATCHES The Kominsky Method. It’s wise, charming, and definitely gives you something to look forward to.
BOOK HE WISHES HE’D WRITTEN The Bible. I’d sign a contract to get 10 cents for each copy sold.
HIDDEN TALENT Soccer. I’m a true Argentinian.
FITNESS ROUTINE I usually train in the morning on the treadmill or elliptical for 60 to 90 minutes, followed by an amazing Israeli breakfast.
SPLURGES ON I like to dress in nice Armani suits and enjoy a good meal once in a while at restaurants like Nobu.
HIS HAPPY PLACE On my barbecue veranda, surrounded by family and friends.
NEVER FLIES WITHOUT Fitness clothing is usually the first thing I put in my suitcase.
SIGNATURE DRINK Vodka tonic with lots of mint leaves
NEXT TRAVEL DESTINATION Hong Kong to visit my pearl farmers and view the new harvests for the year.
BEST ADVICE HE’S RECEIVED “Count your blessings.” It happens in life that we get upset by small or big issues, so it’s always important to remember to do so.
WORDS TO LIVE BY Do what you love, love what you do, and always do it with passion.

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