Jewelry, Art and Antiques, Oh My!

   This weekend, the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antique Show is taking over the Palm Beach County Convention Center. With more than 180 international galleries exhibiting as well as the HOPE Designer Showcase—featuring vignettes from leading interior designers—on display, there is a lot to take in over the span of a long weekend. Here are our top picks for displays you simply cannot miss.


  • Buccellati. For more than a century, the Buccellati family has been designing jewelry with a focus on three principles: discretion, class and harmony. This display includes breathtaking pieces, like this one-of-a-kind sapphire and diamond bangle bracelet.
  • Yvel. For jewelry that is the epitome of organic beauty, stop by the Yvel display. Since the 1980s, Yvel has been working with pearls of all sizes and shapes, garnering worldwide attention and a global fan base.
  • Epoque Fine Jewels. Step back in time with Epoque’s collection of fine period and antique jewels. Based in Belgium, this company carries vintage pieces from makers like David Webb, Boucheron and Van Cleef & Arpels.
  • Remember to stop by displays from local jewelers, including Provident Jewelry, Betteridge and Richters.


  • Long-Sharp Gallery. Boasting a collection of modern art, the Long-Sharp Gallery has some truly priceless pieces, including works by Roy Lichtenstein. This piece by David Kramer, entitled Marketer’s Dream, is from the gallery’s award-winning exhibition “Icons & Irony.”
  • David David Gallery. Like the Long-Sharp Gallery, David David has an impressive array of modern art. The gem among it all: one of Andy Warhol’s famous Mao paintings.
  • Julia Santen Gallery. Art meets antique at the Julia Santen Gallery, which carries a number of original, vintage posters.
  • Frederic Got Gallery. Based in Paris and widely praised across many continents, the Frederic Got Gallery features contemporary sculptures and oil paintings. Visit this display early for it is bound to attract a bevy of collectors.
  • Arcature Fine Art. Stop by the Arcature Fine Art display for an eclectic mix of mediums and styles. Two particularly sweet sculptures—a semi-consumed box of doughnuts (á la Homer Simpson) and a handful of Valentine’s candy hearts—are the yummiest pieces in the entire convention center.


  • Nula Thanhauser. Lovers of vintage accessories, prepare to swoon. The Nula Thanhauser display is wall-to-wall antique handbags and accessories, including art deco, Victorian and Edwardian pieces.
  • Hatchwell Antiques. For an entirely different collection of antiques, stop by the Hatchwell Antiques display, which

    features a number of aeronautical pieces, like this 1958 ejection seat from a RAF Gloster Javelin jet fighter/interceptor.

  • Eve Stone Antiques. If you appreciate a room filled with brass and copper, then Eve Stone is the retailer for you. This display tickles the senses with rows and rows of brass and copper pieces from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries.
  • Peter Finer. Antique weapons collectors will delight at this display, with pieces ranging from fifteenth-century armor to sixteenth-century pistols and even some eighteenth-century hilts.

   This is just a taste of what the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antique show has to offer. For a full list of vendors, visit

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