Getting to Know Jules Aron

The author and mixologist shares her current must-haves

Photo by Rafael Rincon
Photo by Rafael Rincon

Long before moving here, Jules Aron enjoyed childhood vacations to the Palm Beaches with her family. Eventually, her parents purchased a seasonal getaway, and she followed suit soon after. The author of four best-sellers that champion healthy living, Aron now resides in downtown West Palm Beach and enjoys summering in her rustic cabin in upstate New York, a retreat especially conducive to developing new book ideas. Passionate about animals (ask her about Lou, her rescue cat) and wellness, Aron is one of the founders of the Fresh Rx initiative, a partnership between Lox Farms and the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties that allows doctors to write prescriptions for fresh produce to patients at Jupiter Medical Center. Naturally, she also serves as their in-house mixologist at charity events.


Current state of mind: I’ve gone from a New York state of mind to island time, in just about no time!

Next purchases: I love the mix-and-match bikini pieces in Moderne from the sustainable line Amara Tulum, as well as local eco-swimwear line Manta.

Signature accessory: My custom gold zen and tonic necklace, which was designed for the launch of my cocktail book by the same name.

Favorite healthy snack: Nature’s candy: fruit! Watermelon, mango, papaya, berries, and pineapple, to name a few.

Her morning routine: Lemon water, meditation, morning pages, and lots of tea.

Product she can’t live without: Mālayā Organics rejuvenating face serum. It contains 26 active botanicals, including Siberian cedar nut, borage, and camellia oils that brighten, tighten, and soften my skin.

Next travel destination: Bali

Best happy hours: Honor Bar on the island, Imoto at Buccan, and the half-off bottles of wine at Blind Monk and Hullabaloo.

In her beach bag: My Turkish beach blanket and seafoam Yeti rambler with chilled rosé or a home-mixed spritz.

Proudest career moment: The launch of my last two books, Nourish and Glow and Fresh and Pure.

Causes she’s passionate about: Wellness, nutrition, and animal rights

Drink order: I’m partial to a classic Negroni.

Ideal last meal: My mom’s potato latkes

Top Palm Beach restos: Breakfast at CPB at The Colony, brunch at Cucina, dinner at Buccan, and tacos at Coyo Taco—because tacos should have their own category.

Her superpower: Knowing when someone needs a drink.

Collects: Vintage kitchen and glassware, most of which I use to style my recipe photos.

Style icon: Olivia Wilde. I especially appreciate her ethical and sustainable style efforts and the dynamic campaigns she creates as the founder of Conscious Commerce, where she connects nonprofit foundations to sustainable business models.

Shops locally at: Rapunzel’s Closet and the hand-selected boutiques located throughout the open-air Royal Poinciana Plaza.

Karaokes in the car to: “Holiday” by Madonna

Workout rituals: When I lived in New York, I was an avid martial artist. Since moving, I have retired my black belt. I still have a qigong routine I practice at home or on the beach. I also have an elliptical and a set of weights at home, and I try to go on long walks daily.

Beloved vista: The view overlooking the bustling stream on my land in upstate New York. My dog, Dolce, always loved to prance in those waters.

Dream car: A Vintage Folly convertible or Scout 800 in mint

Historical figure she identifies with: Harriet Anne de Salis, a prolific Victorian writer who penned a collection of “à la mode” cookbooks, including Drinks à la Mode, a favorite of mine, where the advice remains sound, the voice charming, and the cocktails strong.

Words to live by: “I think of life itself now as a wonderful play that I’ve written for myself, and so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my part.” —Shirley MacLaine

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