Maltz Jupiter Theatre | New Digs, New Season

On a muggy day in September, Producing Artistic Director Andrew Kato led a tour of an under-construction Maltz Jupiter Theatre. Renovations, which began in early spring, were in full swing: Hard hats were required for entry, power drills squealed and plywood mountains dominated the landscape.
   The completed renovations were unveiled in October, and the facelift enhances the overall audience experience.

Maltz Jupiter Theatre - New Expanded Theater and Space

   The efforts were made possible by a $2.5 million campaign funded by donors including Jupiter resident Roe Green and the Roe Green Foundation. On the second floor, a new private club level, named The Green Room (for Green), includes a bar and restroom, a private glass elevator and 62 theater seats. Tickets are open to the public, and the lobby can host cabarets, readings and private dinner parties.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - Maltz Jupiter Theatre - 2013-2014 Season
The new lobbies will feature images from past productions like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

   The downstairs lobby also received a makeover. A glass wall was installed on the east side to open up the space. “We want people on the outside to see that there’s life in it,” Kato says. There are many new spots for mingling, including three bars and a coffee station, and the box office now features a concierge-style desk. In both lobbies, costume renderings and scenic models are on display, emphasizing the theater’s artistic efforts.
   From pitch to completion, the renovations took a year. In reference to his team’s hard work, Kato says, “We can land 747s on postage stamps.”

Maltz Jupiter Theatre 2013-2014 Season:

  • Dial M for Murder, October 27 to November 10
  • Annie, December 3-22
  • A Chorus Line, January 14 to February 2
  • Other Desert Cities, February 16 to March 2
  • The King and I, March 18 to April 6

For more information, call 561-575-2223 or visit

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