Q&A with Miranda Lambert

Photo Credit: Reid Long

Country musician Miranda Lambert’s career has been as golden has her trademark blond locks. The Texas native began playing the guitar and writing songs as a child and formed her first band while still in high school. After scoring a recording contract—helped in part by a stint on the reality competition series Nashville Star—Lambert released her major label debut, Kerosene, in 2005. Since then, she’s won two Grammys and a record-setting 32 Academy of Country Music Awards. In April, she was recognized as the ACM Female Vocalist of the Year for the ninth time in a row, making her the current record holder in that category, as well. On August 4, she’ll perform her arsenal of hits at the Coral Sky Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach. PBI recently caught up with Lambert to discuss her songwriting, the concert, and her co-headliners, Little Big Town.

PBI: Which musicians were you most inspired by as a child? 

Lambert: My Dad. He’s a singer-songwriter and at the very beginning of my career he taught me how to write my own songs and showed me how important it was to have my own voice. Artists like Merle Haggard and Loretta Lynn were also big influences and that has never changed. Their music really spoke to me and no doubt influenced my songwriting direction. I’ve always admired that they told their true stories.

How do you feel your songwriting has evolved?  

I am not sure it has changed much. I would say it has evolved as I have gotten older and have had more life experience. I always want to write about the truth, because it’s somebody else’s truth, too. It means a lot to me that someone can relate to what I’m writing about.

Which musician would you most love to do a duet with?

I would absolutely love to do a duet with Beyoncé because she is the real deal.

What can audiences expect from your concert at the Coral Sky Amphitheatre?

I’m so excited about this tour as my good friends Little Big Town are out on the road with me. It’s going to be an amazing show with some cool surprises. I’ve been to West Palm Beach a couple of times in my career and it’s always a fun time, so hopefully I’ll see some familiar faces.

What do you most admire or enjoy about your co-headliners, Little Big Town?

Everything! We have been talking about going out on tour together for many years now, and it’s exciting that we are actually getting to do it this summer. Little Big Town are amazing artists and they are the best at singing harmonies.

What are your pre-show rituals?

I’m really close with my band so we always hang out in Wanda, my Airstream, before the show. We also do a prayer before taking the stage.

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