Palm Beach Beauties

What is beauty? We submit it has little to do with what is seen at first glance and everything to do with the intangible: the personal strength, spirit and compassion that are the foundations of character.


Here, we present the nominees for our annual “Palm Beach Beauties” feature. Palm Beach Illustrated polled the community and narrowed the nominations down to 10 worthy women to compete to be one of the five finalists to grace the pages of our March issue.


Voting will come to an end December 19, 2014, so let the campaigning for #PBBeauties begin!


Robbyn Ackner - Palm Beach Beauty

Robbyn Ackner

Kerstie Allen - Palm Beach Beauty

Kerstie Allen

Jennifer Dardano - Palm Beach Beauty

Jennifer Dardano

Brandie Herbst - Palm Beach Beauty

Brandie Herbst

Jaclyn Sienna India - Palm Beach Beauty

Jaclyn Sienna India

Rita Lombardo - Palm Beach Beauty

Rita Lombardo

Margaret Luce - Palm Beach Beauties

Margaret Luce

Brianna Mahler - Palm Beach Beauty

Brianna Mahler

Denise Nieman - Palm Beach Beauty

Denise Nieman

Lois Pope - Palm Beach Beauty

Lois Pope


Palm Beach Beauties - Nominate Today

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