Palm Beach Beauty: Suzanne Boyd

Photography by Robert Nelson 

Shot on location at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Manalapan


Suzanne Boyd

Occupation: Anchor, CBS12 News

Beauty factor: Associated Press award recipient, children’s education advocate, mentor, foodie

Suzanne Boyd - Anchor with CBS12 News and Palm Beach Beauty

Philanthropic endeavors: I’m on the board of Take Stock in Children, which provides college scholarships and mentorship to low-income students. There are so many kids in our community who have no hope of going to college or getting out of the cycle of poverty. I believe education changes lives.

News flash: When I was 14, I won the Watermelon Queen title, and I got to meet Anna Johnson from the local CBS affiliate. That’s when I knew I wanted to work in the news.

Toughest interview: LL Cool J. I tried to get him to rap, but he wouldn’t play along.

Her definition of “beauty”: I know it sounds cliché, but I believe that kindness makes someone beautiful.

Hidden talent: I love to sing; it drives my coworkers crazy. I couldn’t be a professional singer, but I can carry a tune—especially in the shower.

Childhood dream: I wanted to be Wonder Woman—I was convinced she was real. I had a Wonder Woman cuff I’d wear, and I would lasso my little brother in the backyard.

First job: I was a “bug scout” on my family’s farm in Monticello. My dad grew cotton, which draws a lot of bugs. He sent me to bug school, where I was the only girl. Anyway, I was terrified and would just make up which bugs I saw. Needless to say, I was fired.

Favorite pastime: I’m a huge foodie. In Delray Beach, where I live, there’s always a new restaurant to try. My favorite is Brulé Bistro.

Signature cocktail: Silver tequila, club soda, and two lemons. It’s the perfect cocktail, and you won’t have a hangover.

Stress reliever: Every morning, I meditate and practice yoga for 20 minutes. It changes my whole day.


Hair: Gregory Ash Yomontano, Deborah Koepper Beauty, Palm Beach

Makeup: Deborah Koepper using Deborah Koepper Cosmetics, Deborah Koepper Beauty, Palm Beach

Palm Beach Illustrated thanks the management and staff of Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa for their gracious hospitality.

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