Recipes from the Chesterfield Hotel

   At the Chesterfield Hotel’s Leopard Lounge, every dish has a story.

   Both a memoir and a cookbook, A Life in Food (Red Carnation Hotel, $45) shares some of the restaurant’s best recipes and its savory history from Beatrice Tollman (right), the president and founder of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection.

   In addition to overseeing 17 boutique hotels worldwide, including the Chesterfield in Palm Beach, Tollman has a lifelong passion for cooking and helps craft the menu at each locale. Now, diners can recreate the Leopard Lounge’s chicken noodle soup, sweet chicken curry, honeycomb ice cream and other Tollman family recipes found on Red Carnation menus.

   The book is available at the Chesterfield, and all proceeds from copies purchased in the United States benefit the Children’s Healing Institute. Below, enjoy four Leopard Lounge recipes featured in the book. (561-659-5800)


Bea's Chicken Soup - The Chesterfield Palm Beach and the Leopard Lounge - Red Carnation Hotel CollectionHaute Home Cooking

From rainy days to nights on the town, Bea’s Chicken Soup from the Leopard Lounge is always a good choice.

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Chesterfield Palm Beach - Leopard Lounge - Arthur's Chicken Curry recipeColonial Favorite

Palm Beach comfort food at its best: Arthur’s Chicken Curry.

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Honeycomb Ice Cream - The Chesterfield Palm Beach - Leopard LoungeBuzz Worthy

For the sweet tooth, passing on Bea’s Honeycomb Ice Cream from the Leopard Lounge is a cardinal sin.

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Bea's Cheesecake - recipes from the Leopard Lounge - The Chesterfield Palm BeachJust Desserts

Delicious decadence, Bea’s Cheesecake from the Leopard Lounge is a Palm Beach must.

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