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Rita Lombardo - Palm Beach BeautyRita Lombardo |  CEO of Lombardo and Partners, Founder of the Shuzz Fund


Ambitious, dedicated and philanthropic—adjectives fail when describing Rita Lombardo. The Delray Beach resident, stepmother of two and proud Florida Gator pays the bills as founder and CEO of Lombardo and Partners, a multifaceted marketing and advertising firm headquartered in Miami. Whether it’s a regional campaign or an international media push, the company’s dedication to the client at hand has made it formidable in the competitive market of brand development.

    Rita’s dedication to her career is only overshadowed by her dedication to the less fortunate. After the devastating earthquake that rattled Port au Prince, Haiti, compelled to help the less fortunate, Rita formed the nonprofit Shuzz Fund (pronounced shoes). In the past five years, Rita and Shuzz have given away more than 30,000 pairs of new, sustainable shoes to impoverished children. This simple act gives children the ability to play without injury while protecting against disease.

   On the local front, Rita and Shuzz have given to the Palm Beach County School District, Florida Family Services and many churches and athletic programs. This year, she has even grown her charity to include medical services and will help children who can’t walk to take their first steps. Vote for Rita Lombardo below.


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