Simply Elegant: Carolina Herrera

Who: Carolina Herrera

Known for: Classic, sophisticated women’s ready-to-wear since 1981 and bridal fashions since 1987

Family roots: Born in Venezuela, she has four daughters, two of whom work for her brand

Current collection: Spring/summer 2015 uses a digital motif, graphic prints and techno fabrics

Leaving a legacy: She’s been crowned “Fashion’s First Lady” because she’s dressed women holding the official title, including Jacqueline Onassis and Michelle Obama


Tell us about your inspiration for this collection.

I found a flower—a tulip—and we put it in the computer. And what came out was a different color code that I used through the whole collection.


What’s your favorite piece in the current collection?

Ooh, I love them all. It’s like if I have four daughters but I can love only one [laughs]. They are on the runways because they all are my favorites.



You’re known for designs that exude elegance and class. How can a woman convey that in her style?

I think it’s very much inside the person. But for me, simplicity—not excess—is very important.


Two of your daughters are very involved in the company. How have they helped the brand evolve?

Carolina has been involved in the company since ’96, and Patricia is in the design team. … They have great taste, great style, and I love to see the way they do it. [They bring] a different eye, and I always look at the young people to see what are they wearing, the way they should wear it.



You’ve designed for several celebrities. Who’s been the most memorable to work with?

Renée Zellweger. I love her, because she decides on her own. She doesn’t have a stylist—never. When she wanted something, we worked together. And I like that, because it’s really her own style and what she wants to look like.


Is there someone in particular for whom you’d love to design?
I think for all the women! [laughs] The women of today.


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