Spice Up Summer with a Passion Chelada

Mixologist Jules Aron shares the recipe for a refreshing low-proof beer cocktail

Passion Chelada. Photo by Taylor Amos
Photo by Taylor Amos

The sweltering days and hot nights of summer are upon us, so it’s time to make the best of it with languid afternoons at the pool, tasty cookouts, and refreshing beer cocktails. The British Shandy, the German Radler, the French Picon Bière, and the increasingly popular Mexican Michelada are some of the simplest and tastiest examples of low-proof beer cocktails that are perfect for this hot weather.

Beer-based libations have a long, rich history. Shakespeare and Dickens both alluded to them in their work, and the most well-known of the beer cocktails, the Shandy, is thought to derive from the British slang phrase “shant of gatter” or “pub water.”

The pub water of Mexico, the classic Michelada, can kick up the flavor of a nice, cold beer. It traditionally consists of beer, salt, lime, spice, and tomato juice, but my variation brings a tropical twist to this low-voltage drink with the addition of passion fruit and habanero. Now you can go crush summer and thank me later. —Jules Aron

Passion Chelada


1 habanero slice, deseeded 

1 oz. passion fruit puree

1 oz. fresh lime juice

1 cup Mexican lager

Hibiscus salt for rim (optional)

Add the habanero to a mixing glass and muddle gently. Add the passion fruit puree and lime juice to the mixing glass with ice and shake thoroughly. Strain into a chilled glass and top with the lager.

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