The Artistry of Dulze Pastries

Palm Beach Gardens resident Jessica Nava combines her Peruvian heritage with a passion for design in her one-of-a-kind cookies and cupcakes

Dulze Pastries. Photo by Ashley Meyer
Photo by Ashley Meyer

Jessica Nava can trace her love of baking and decorating to helping her grandmother create cakes for the locals living in her small hometown in Peru. Many years later, Nava’s Peruvian heritage would play a role in her decision to launch her own business, Dulze Pastries.

“Dulze Pastries began when our family dog became ill and needed surgery, so I started baking alfajores, which are a traditional Peruvian sugar cookie filled with dulce de leche, and selling them to raise money,” says Nava, who now resides in Palm Beach Gardens. “They were a huge hit! From then on, I had people requesting [them] on a regular basis. From there, I gained an interest in expanding my skills and found a love for sugar cookies and decorating them with royal icing.”

In addition to her delicious alfajores, Nava has gained a reputation for her artistic touch. She now accepts orders for cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, and she describes her aesthetic as elegant, characterized by soft pastels and vintage details—though she’s always up for a custom challenge. She also frequently hosts decorating classes where she shares technical tips for crafting a variety of themed cookies and cupcakes, from sports to lemons, hearts to horses, and floral cupcakes that rival the real thing.

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