Virtual Voyages

These three tech-centric experiences grant entry to alternate dimensions

Drive Shack

Professionals and putt-putters alike can practice their swing at one of Drive Shack’s 90-plus private bays, where Doppler radar–based augmented reality technology enables virtual play (users can transform the course into darts, blackjack, or even St. Andrews Links) and interactive golf gaming. 

Rex Baron Survivors Kitchen and VREX Lounge

Become a vigilante at Rex Baron, a gaming and restaurant venue where “survivors” rebuild a post-apocalyptic New World at one of 32 multisensory virtual reality and simulation stations. At chef-driven Survivors Kitchen, hunters and foragers sizzle their own meals on pink Himalayan salt or black lava heated to more than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and cocktails are “administered” via Camelbaks on rolling frames. 

Time Travel Escapes

Ascend beyond the confines of a typical escape room in one of four virtual reality escape room games at Time Travel Escapes, where you’ll fix a time machine before the portal closes, escape a fiery dragon-guarded tower, or rocket to Space Station Tiberia to save the planet.

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