Best See and Be Seen: Palm Beach Grill

In Palm Beach, there is a musing among locals: “If you want to get into Palm Beach Grill during season, call in November and book your table for the entire winter.” They’re only half-joking. Between December and April, the place is busier than Grand Central Station at rush hour. Though it’s been an island fixture for 15-plus years, during which many dazzling new restos have come (and gone), it remains the place to see and be seen.

Who goes: Le tout Palm Beach, with all generations represented; celebrity-spotting is a favorite activity here, though it’s definitely gauche to stare.

Where to sit: One of the comfy and very private leather booths, if you can snag one (it helps to know someone). If you don’t have a reservation, arrive early and wait for a seat at Palm Beach’s most convivial bar.

What to order: Where else can you get a “silver service” kosher hot dog? Other musts are the cedar plank salmon and the baby back ribs sprinkled with peanuts. Don’t skip the banana cream pie; many consider it the world’s best. (561-835-1077)

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