Boutique Renaissance

Lola Dré in Jupiter's Harbourside Place secures the longevity of shopping local by providing a bespoke experience

André Arceneaux, Lorry Rahman, and Lauren Murray of Lola Dré
As online shopping became the norm, many industry insiders forecasted the fall of retail. But in Palm Beach County, brick-and-mortar stores continue to emerge and thrive, even in our digital age. With the consumer climate driving online commerce, boutiques like Lola Dré secure the longevity of shopping local by providing an experience unmatched online.


A team of women with backgrounds in corporate and retail—and a shared love of shopping—Lorry Rahman, André Arceneaux, and Lauren Murray opened Lola Dré in Jupiter’s Harbourside Place in late 2019, presenting an upscale shopping experience with a range of hand-selected contemporary pieces. They were later joined by creative director and partner Maria Brogna.

“We’re online shoppers ourselves, but there are a lot of hassles that come along with that—not being able to see, feel, or touch the products,” explains Arceneaux. “Part of the reason why we opened was to help undo that, but also, we wanted to really give women a place to come and connect and feel like they were part of a family, to have somewhere to shop and receive personalized service and just make shopping fun again. It really gives us the opportunity to make people feel special and welcomed.”

Shaye Babb Photography

At Lola Dré, a personal touch is the MO. This is expressed in perks like a pre-order system and a collection tailored to regulars’ preferences. Shopping at Lola Dré is made to feel like hanging out in a friend’s closet.

“Buying specifically for your customer base is really important,” says Murray. “We know everybody’s names. We spend time with them. We know what they like and can pull things for them when they walk in and make such a fun experience out of it.”

By carrying emerging designers and curating inventory based on what their shoppers are gravitating toward, Lola Dré is attempting to merge the best of online and brick-and-mortar retail, Rahman notes, bringing together ample choices with individualized service. “You have all the variety of online, but it’s in a store where you can touch it, see it, feel it, and then get a different level of customer service.”

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