Breakfast and Beyond

Katie Vega has earned her “Biscuit Lady” title with decadent creations.

Fried chicken biscuit sandwich. Photo by Rachel Wallace Photography

Katie Vega, aka The Biscuit Lady, has been making biscuits “ever since I could pull myself up on a chair near the kitchen counter,” she recalls. “My grandmother always told me I’d be a chef.”

Originally from the countryside outside Syracuse, New York, Vega attended the Florida Culinary Institute. Later, armed with a family recipe, she devoted herself to making the perfect biscuit. “Biscuits should be flaky, layered, and moist,” she explains. “You want them to be buttery but not too buttery, and they should be slightly crisp from top to bottom.”

Her tip for the home cook is simple: “Make sure you’re using frozen butter and very cold buttermilk, high-quality and full-fat—that’s what will give you the flakiness.”

While most of her sales occur at the West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens green markets, Vega is getting ready to open her first storefront near Grandview Public Market. The location will allow her to spotlight her specialty: a fried chicken biscuit sandwich, coated with Cap’n Crunch cereal and enhanced with raw honey and her grandmother’s sweet pickle recipe.

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