Discover Parisian Luxury at Biologique Recherche

The iconic French spa chose West Palm Beach for its first location in the United States—and it’s a must-try

Biologique Recherche West Palm Beach

When you have the opportunity to savor a Parisian experience, it’s best to absorb and luxuriate in every detail of it. When combined with an immersive and bespoke spa and wellness treatment, the result is heavenly. This was the inspiration behind Biologique Recherche Ambassade de la Beauté, the heritage brand’s first flagship spa location in the United States. The calming oasis is nestled underneath the CityPlace South Tower in West Palm Beach and pays homage to the Champs-Élysées spa—down to its creamy color palette, luxe fabrics, and soothing aura.

The mindfulness behind capturing the look and feel of the Paris locale embodies Biologique Recherche’s respect for the heritage it is built upon. For more than 40 years, the brand has stood on the pillars of science and nature, striking a balance between the two complementary worlds. Each of the more than 90 blends (for skin care alone) preserves the integrity of the raw ingredients that the brand believes so wholeheartedly in, while maintaining a strong scientific foundation.

The beauty philosophy that Biologique Recherche maintains is hyper-personalized and follows a “Skin Instant” approach, which views the skin as an ever-evolving entity that deserves customized care in all of its presentations. The spa’s aestheticians examine the skin’s current condition in the “Assessment Phase,” reach a dermo-cosmetic diagnosis, and curate a one- to two-hour facial to meet your skin’s needs.

Watching your aesthetician create a tailored spa experience is a thing of beauty. Beside your heated spa lounge lies an array of Biologique Recherche’s nearly 100 facial care formulas, which evoke visions of perusing a pharmacie française. From the vast assemblage, the aesthetician selects products to commence the “Initialization Phase,” which includes a lymphatic-draining double-cleanse exfoliation, with a version of the cult-favorite Lotion P50, and a mask, such as the balancing Masque Vivant or the oxygenating Masque VIP O2.

Uniquely, Biologique Recherche facials opt for cooler temperatures and tools—think chilled cryotherapy sticks, serums, and eye creams—instead of the usual steam-and-hot-cloth approach. Not only are the lower temps more soothing in the South Florida heat, but they are more bio-compatible with and gentler on the skin.

The magic happens during the facial’s “Treatment Phase,” which packs in the benefits of targeted serums that address your skin’s specific needs, be it the repairing Sérum 3R, youth-preserving Sérum A-Glyca, or brightening Sérum Oligo-Protéines Marines. In this phase, guests have the option of adding the spa’s pièce de résistance, the Remodeling Facial Machine (RFM), to encourage permeation into deeper layers of the skin. The innovative machine harnesses the power of galvanic, medium, and high-frequency currents to stimulate the skin and create a firm, lifted, and refreshed look. This powerful step is followed by luscious crèmes, like Dermopurifiante, that lock in moisture and the nutrients of the previous steps.

Once the facial is complete and your complexion is supple and bright, your spa expert compiles a “Face Prescription” of the tailor-made routine and products so that you can care for your skin between monthly visits.

And this is just the facial! Biologique Recherche boasts a menu of body, hair, and beauty treatments that can be combined for a hedonistic day of relaxation. The glow of a two-hour-long facial can be complemented by the spa’s Yumi (“beauty” in Japanese) eyebrow and lash lifts to add the perfect hint of color and volume.

It is no surprise why loyalists from across the state and country flock to the Ambassade de la Beauté for lavish pampering. Stepping off the busy streets of West Palm Beach and retreating into a sanctum of Parisian luxury and wellness feels like an indulgence in itself.


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