Dr. Limón Delivers Flavorful Peruvian Fusion

Influenced by Asian immigration, Spanish colonization, and Incan roots, Peruvian cuisine reflects the country’s melting pot of cultures. Chef Carlos Brescia, a native Peruvian, explores the depths of this region at Dr. Limón on Clematis Street, the first Palm Beach County location of his empire of Miami-area restaurants. Here, diners can discover that there’s much more to Peru than the ubiquitous spicy aji amarillo yellow pepper sauce, pisco, and ceviche—though there are plenty (17 to be exact) of those to sample, too. Pulling inspiration from everyday street food and the fresh catches common in his hometown of Chiclayo on the coast of northern Peru, Brescia puts out plates that span from traditional, like beef heart kebabs (don’t knock it till you try it), to fusion, like sushi rolls. Other creations such as el loco calato—raw fish and ceviche fixings that have been battered and flash-fried for 20 seconds—are all his own and express the experimental spirit that embodies modern Peru.

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