Facial Trifecta at Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre

We tried the three-part MesoJet Facial with Radiofrequency treatment, which delivers a cleanse, infusion, and radiofrequency with glowing results

MesoJet at Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre. Photo by CVLT Branding
MesoJet at Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre. Photo by CVLT Branding

We’re all looking for the trifecta of facials: a treatment that at once tightens, brightens, and can have us ready for a same-day event. The MesoJet just might be that unicorn. 

At Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre in West Palm Beach, the MesoJet Facial with Radiofrequency treatment is divided into three parts: the cleanse, the infusion, and the radiofrequency. Using the handheld MesoJet device, your aesthetician will cleanse your skin with a pressurized water jet, first working in movements to promote lymphatic drainage. (If you’ve ever used a gua sha facial massage tool at home, then you’ll recognize the motions.) The water jet air is cold, so it may take your breath away, but it is a sensation you will get used to. 

In the infusion step, your aesthetician will select serums to best support your skin type and desired results. In my case, my aesthetician, Liza Bonilla, used the iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum, ZO Skin Health Illuminating AOX Serum, and Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Moisturizer. While the jet stream can deliver these solutions deep into the derma, its gentle exfoliation will make this the most pleasant “peel” you’ve ever had. 

The radiofrequency is an add-on, but it really is a must. Whereas the water jet is cold, the radiofrequency is akin to a hot-stone massage. Ask your aesthetician to do one side of your face, and then peek in a mirror to do an immediate results comparison. In my case, I saw noticeable tightening around my chin and neck, a lightening of sunspots and post-baby melasma, and absolutely no irritation, a feat given my naturally rosy complexion and mild rosacea. After my facial, I went out for brunch and felt confident that all anyone could see were my glowing results—no redness required. 

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