Fiesta del Aguacate at Avocado Cantina

Julien Gremaud is shaking up the North County restaurant scene with a new look--and moniker

Julien Gremaud Avocado Cantina
Photo by Tara Koenke Photography

Julien Gremaud is shaking things up in the North County. The chef/owner of Avocado Grill in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens shuttered his PBG location in late August in order to usher in a new era and look for the eatery. On November 2, he opened Avocado Cantina, an upscale yet laid-back interpretation of a Mexican taqueria.

“After a year that has been challenging in so many ways, it feels like the right time for a change,” says Gremaud. “We have done Mexican specials and nights in this location many times in the past and they are always very popular. Our concept and our food weren’t that far off, so we decided to go full force.”

Although Gremaud has previously traveled to Mexico, he returned in recent months to study under a local chef in Puerto Morelos and Tulum. While there focusing on cooking and craft, he also explored the area for decor and even musical inspiration for the restaurant’s playlist.

When it comes to the menu, Avocado Cantina will fuse Mexican techniques with local ingredients while maintaining a culinary style familiar to Avocado Grill patrons. “We will keep the fresh lightness to our menu but also feature traditional favorites like enchiladas and quesadillas,” Gremaud explains. “I am excited about our chicken mole and churrasco. We’ll have a variety of innovative taco pairings as well. We will keep some Avocado Grill favorites on the menu and won’t abandon our vegan and vegetarian friends.” 

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