Game On: Exotic Meats on the Menu in PBC

Exotic meats like camel and wild boar are migrating onto menus across Palm Beach County. Hankering for a fork-tender kangaroo loin or a savory, two-handed bison burger? Here are four places to taste-drive the tamer—and tastier—side of game meat.


Relish & More | West Palm Beach, Boca Raton

Relish & More - Exotic Meats from Palm Beach County eateries

Photo by Eye on U Photography

Meat lovers pack Desiree and Daniel Tobin’s Boca and Northwood restaurants, Relish & More (561-629-5377, 561-245-7169), for the couple’s bucolic spin on the all-beef patty standard. Buffalo, wild boar, elk, and venison burgers are grilled to order (and can be added to a salad), then finished with one of 10 homemade relishes. Even more adventurous fare—like antelope, caribou, alpaca, kangaroo, and camel—makes monthly appearances.

50 Ocean's Buffalo Tartare - Exotic Meats at Palm Beach County eateries

50 Ocean | Delray Beach

At 50 Ocean (561-278-3364), Blake Malatesta features not one but two buffalo entrées on the menu: a garlicky tartare made with roasted-tomato tapenade, a cured egg yolk, and garlic-herb aioli and the Aztec cocoa–crusted rib eye with coffee-onion jam, a pairing inspired by a dish he crafted during Max’s Harvest Chef vs. Chef competition in August.

Bison Burger from The Woods Jupiter - exotic meats from Palm Beach County eateries

The Woods | Jupiter

Locals wait hours to snag a seat at Tiger Woods’ waterfront eatery, The Woods Jupiter (561-320-9627), at Harbourside Place. Made with three-year-old aged cheddar cheese and served with truffle aioli, the 8-ounce bison burger is the restaurant’s second-most ordered dish—and one of the golf legend’s personal favorites.

Photo by The Woods Jupiter

Exotic Meats on the menu from Hotdo-opolis - Boca Raton

Hotdog-opolis | Boca Raton

Judy and Harvey Loewenstein’s hot dog emporiums, Hotdog-opolis (561-988-5959, 561-353-3647), serve more than haute weiners—their gourmet game sausages are some of the finest in the state. Varieties include rabbit, pheasant, and crocodile  and are infused with flavorful ingredients like crispy bacon and chipotle chili. 

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