Grandview Public Market to Host SoulFam’s ‘BLK MRKT’ Event

The celebration will honor the centennial of the liberation of African people and the adoption of the Pan-African flag on Thursday, August 13

Buddy Jackson and Matt Brown of SoulFam perform at Grandview Public Market.

SoulFam, the West-Palm Beach based artist collective, and Grandview Public Market will host a celebration of the centennial of the adoption of the Pan-African flag at a special “BLK MRKT” event. The festivities will kick off on Grandview’s Loading Dock at 5 p.m. on Thursday, August 13, and will feature local musicians, poets, speakers, and vendors. The event will be sponsored by Rebuild History, a new West Palm Beach-based non-profit that empowers the Black community and supports Black-owned businesses and programs.

“The warm, welcoming atmosphere at Grandview Public Market and the global selection of food makes it the perfect backdrop for an event celebrating Black lives and diversity among people of all colors,” said Matt Brown, a local musician and co-founder of the SOULFAM collective who led the organization of the event. “Plus, the large outdoor patio makes it easy for us to celebrate our important message while keeping people safely distanced.”

The event will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the Pan-African flag on August 13, 1920. “Both the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) and the African Community League (ACL) voted to adopt the Pan-African flag as the official symbol of Black people,” said Brown. “This unifying symbol is now recognized worldwide and has become the basis of flags for many nations in Africa.”

The flag’s red, black, and green horizontal stripes hold special meaning to people of African descent. The red stripe memorializes the lives lost in the fight for African liberation, the black stripe celebrates all Black people who exist as a nation, and the green stripe honors the abundant natural wealth of Africa.

“We’ve been working to come up with an event with SOULFAM for some time now,” said Joe Muniz, general manager of Grandview Public Market. “We’ve always supported SOULFAM’s message to empower black people through art and we are honored to host them for this important event on the 100th anniversary of the Pan-African flag.”

In addition to Brown, the evening’s performers will include Nadege Nightengale, Jai, and FaBe LuCiano. Ricky Aiken, founder and executive director of Inner City Innovators, will be one of three speakers who will encourage guests to register to vote while in attendance. Black-owned business vendors will also be set up to sell soap, jewelry, photography, hats, and more.

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