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Interior designer and writer Joe Davis shares his go-to housewarming gift ideas.

   A recognized interior designer whose humorous, insightful and articulate voice is evident in his Master Class blog that offers interior design knowledge, direction and understanding.

Housewarming Party Gift Ideas from Joe Davis, author of Master Class blogThe Tired: 

Decorative objects. New home decorating is a very personalized endeavor. Unless you know the hosts extremely well, steer clear of trying to find a piece that fits their style, available space and aesthetic.


The inspired: 

“Give a lovely printed and laminated card with all of your favorite tradespeople on it,” Davis says. This can include paper hangers, painters, gardeners, housekeepers, hedge trimmers and handymen.
   “Give them the ones whom you’ve tested and will show up—your best-kept-secret helpers—who will be a gift that keeps on giving,” he says.
Specialty Paper used to make a listing for Housewarming Party Idea   Customize pretty colored paper with the host’s name and new address, and list the skill sets of each contact, he says. “Give their name, contact number, cell numbers, websites, their specialty and why you like them so much,” he says. “Tell [the host] to use you as a reference.”
   If you’re in the same neighborhood, consider recommending other “bests,” such as the best market for fresh produce, the best fishmonger, the best garden center, the best smoothie shop, the best tailor, the best lunch places around and the best dinner restaurants, Davis recommends.
   “I want them to know I will share anything I have to make their transition and entire time in their new home comfortable,” he says.

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