Hydrate in Style

  1. S’well recently collaborated with textile designer John Robshaw to translate his signature Southeast Asian prints to stainless steel water bottles. The Vati bottle ($53 for 25 oz.) looks chic alongside an equally colorful beach bag and stays cool for 24 hours.
  2. Gem-Water bottles harness the unique properties of gemstones to boost water’s pH and oxygen levels with jewel-filled infusion pods. The Wellness blend ($78) of quartz and amethyst summons the stones’ naturopathic, soothing qualities.
  3. KOR‘s One water bottle ($25) is a shining example of ergonomic design and rests comfortably in hand. Press a button to lift the stationary cap and find a hidden inspirational message on the inside.
  4. Hidrate Spark‘s 2.0 bottle ($50) combats any excuse for dehydration. This high-tech bottle syncs with Apple Watch and Fitbit, records water intake, and glows as a reminder to
    keep sipping.

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