Kombucha Craze

Photo by: Ashley Meyer

Kombucha, a tart and effervescent fermented tea beverage, is infiltrating the health-conscious community. Packed with probiotics and phytonutrients, kombucha can help balance bacteria in the gut, which in turn has been linked to improved digestion, immune function, and mood. Many varieties are available from producers throughout the county.

Based in Lake Park, One Kombucha offers flavors like hibiscus rose bottled and on draft. Non-Prophet Brewing Co., headed by beer-industry veteran Chris Montelius, brews unique combinations such as strawberry basil and a dry-hopped Citra kombucha in its retail-brewery space in Boynton Beach. And, Moe’s Fermenteds sticks to an unflavored, tried-and-true recipe that owner Moe Senechal brews in small batches and sells at local green markets. All taste so refreshing, they could easily replace soda.

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