Meet the 2023 Palm Beach Dandies

Our 2023 Men of Style stand out for all the right reasons

Rick Rose. Photo by Nick Mele 1
Rick Rose. Photo by Nick Mele

Rick Rose | The Mixmaster 

You can take the man out of Palm Beach, but you can’t take Palm Beach out of the man. So says Rick Rose, who spent much of two decades in sales and marketing at European hotel groups. “Travel broadened my taste,” he says. “But I’ve always been open to the brighter colors of home.” After returning in 2004, Rose co-owned and operated Grandview Gardens Bed & Breakfast in West Palm Beach for 16 years and now co-owns and runs Palm Beach Vacation Rentals. Vexed when European guests would confuse his hometown with Palm Springs, California, Rose began hosting walking tours of the island. Within his role as the historian of the Worth Avenue Association, he leads these tours every Wednesday from December through April, with proceeds benefiting charity. Rose is also the author of Palm Beach: The Essential Guide to America’s Legendary Resort Town and is on the board of directors of Discover the Palm Beaches. 

Rick Rose. Photo by Nick MelePersonal style: Preppy in a Palm Beach palette Prince of prints: People may remember me for floral or bold patterns, but my favorites are stripes and windowpane plaids. I’ll never mix more than two. I’ll wear solids in a print’s dominant color. Clothing that’s art: My ikat-printed silk-cotton blazer from CJ Laing. They rarely make men’s jackets, and no two are alike. Best in shoe: I love Stubbs & Wootton loafers. I only wear tennis shoes to work out. Shopping haunts: Tiziano Zorzan for Italian fabrics and Peter Millar for luxe sportswear in bold prints. I also shop at Brooks Brothers. Go-to pieces: I design my outfit around the jacket. I add a bow tie, a matching pocket square, and skinny jeans. Celebrity closet he’d raid: George Clooney, who has impeccable taste in clothing. He mixes and matches high-quality jackets with jeans, like I do. Rule to break: You don’t need dress slacks with a fabulous jacket. Can never have too many: Bow ties and jackets If price were no object: I’d have all my jackets custom made at Maus & Hoffman. Never caught dead in: Bomber shorts, tank tops, or flip-flops. Palm Beach’s keen style sense should be preserved. Cancel this trend: Pajama shirts under jackets. They wreck the line. Fashion’s next big moment for men: I’m not cutting-edge enough to know, but it’ll come from somebody young and skinny like Timothée Chalamet. Sartorial secret: Tailoring alone can make a $250 jacket look like $1,000. 

Photography: Nick Mele

Grooming: Deborah Koepper, Deborah Koepper Beauty, Palm Beach

Location: Via Mizner, Palm Beach

Jay Hartington wearing Eleventy Milano hooded jacket, Marissa Collections. Photo by Nick Mele
Jay Hartington wearing Eleventy Milano hooded jacket, Marissa Collections. Photo by Nick Mele

Jay Hartington | The Classicist

As the only child of Marissa Collections founders Marissa and Burt Hartington, Jay Hartington learned to look sharp in exquisitely made clothing at an early age. “Our family joked that the store was my sister,” says Hartington, now CEO of the family business. “Fashion was our breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” Even while he worked as an investment banker before joining Marissa Collections in 2008, he stayed true to his stylish roots. “I leveraged my mom’s relationships to have nicer suits than my peers,” he shares. Now, he’s all in on fashion, which he describes as his industry and his pleasure. Under his guidance, the store’s original location in Naples grew to include fine jewelry. In 2021, Hartington opened the brand’s Palm Beach boutique in The Royal Poinciana Plaza. His sartorial advice? Know thyself, but be a little adventurous.

Jay Hartington wearing Eleventy Milano hooded jacket, Marissa Collections. Photo by Nick MelePersonal style: Cool, calm, collected, and always with a tailored touch Labels he loves: Orlebar Brown, Eleventy Milano, YSL, and my tailor (top secret) Celebrity closet he’d raid: David Beckham. From suits to streetwear, he’s always impeccably dressed. Do you know who his tailor is? Go-to looks: A well-fitted T-shirt with a jacket and jeans at Dolphins games, a cashmere tux for formal, and a Navajo inlaid mosaic belt when out West. Biggest fashion fail: I recently bought a white terry cloth Orlebar Brown blazer. Within five minutes it was dirty. Can never have too many: Pocket squares and sunglasses On his wrist: A watch and Le Gramme, Shamballa, FoundRae, and Todd Reed bracelets. I never take mine off, even when playing tennis. They have the best cost-to-wear ratio. Sentimental treasures: My grandfather’s lapis cufflinks and a midnight navy Brunello Cucinelli shawl collar cashmere tux Double- or single-breasted: Single and one-and-a-half breast. No to double. Ties—bow, straight, or none: All of the above. Your tie needs to reflect the lapel of your blazer. Lately I’m into bigger, bolder bow ties when wearing a tux. If price were no object: I’d own more rare watches by Rolex and Patek Philippe. Also, a Paraiba tourmaline, just to have. It’s the Caribbean water in a gemstone. Lost count: Loafers and sophisticated sneakers Fashion’s next big moment for men: People are dressing up more, and I love it.

Photography: Nick Mele

Grooming: Deborah Koepper, Deborah Koepper Beauty, Palm Beach

Location: The Colony, Palm Beach

Wardrobe: Eleventy Milano hooded jacket, Marissa Collections, Palm Beach

Mish Tworkowski. Photo by Nick Mele 1
Mish Tworkowski. Photo by Nick Mele

Mish Tworkowski | The Creative

Even while growing up around New York, Mish Tworkowski wore “bright, beautiful colors as if I was destined to live in Palm Beach.” The former International Best Dressed List honoree’s love of custom suits grew at Sotheby’s in New York and London, where he worked in decorative arts, collectibles, coins, and jewelry, among other departments. “If you love clothes, you want every moment to be special,” he says. In 2021, Tworkowski and his husband, Joseph Singer, relocated their jewelry company, Mish Fine Jewelry, to Palm Beach. “It’s such a beautiful place to design,” says Tworkowski, co-chair of this month’s Dinner Dance for the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach along with Pauline Pitt. “I’m inspired by the gorgeous flowers.” A gardening enthusiast himself, he describes his personal style as colorful, full of florals, and featuring a playful mix of patterns. 

Mish Tworkowski. Photo by Nick MeleFashion vs. style: Anyone can be fashionable by buying the full outfit. A stylish person combines disparate things and looks fantastic. Labels he loves: Junya Watanabe, Lanvin, and vintage Lilly Pulitzer Clothing that’s art: My hand-stitched Kapital shirts are casual couture. Go-to pieces: My daytime uniform is colored Tom Ford jeans, a floral dress shirt, and a fun blazer. Biggest fashion risk that worked: I’ve worn a Craig Green kimono instead of a tux jacket. But I’d never wear a kilt or two pearl necklaces. I’m not that bold. Never caught dead in: Black, beyond tuxedos. I prefer a pop of color. Just one: I always wear the same belt buckle that Singer made for me. Tie one on: Bow ties. I don’t even own a long one. Wardrobe builder: I start with a great jacket I haven’t worn in a while. Best in shoe: I love Brogue tie shoes by Tom Ford and Alden, and I have a big Adidas Superstar collection. Lost count: I have a few hundred jackets. I get sentimental about clothing, so I don’t purge. Cancel this trend: Ripped jeans have gotten out of hand. So have flip-flops, which belong at the beach or gym. Baseball caps belong at sporting events. Worthwhile splurge: Custom-made clothing is one of the greatest gifts to yourself. It fits perfectly and you can pick your fabric. I have a Hawaiian-print button-down shirt you’d never find on store racks. 

Photography: Nick Mele

Grooming: Deborah Koepper, Deborah Koepper Beauty, Palm Beach

Location: Pan’s Garden, Palm Beach

2023 Palm Beach Dandie Nick Hissom wearing Dolce & Gabbana. Photo by RIOCAM
Nick Hissom wearing Dolce & Gabbana. Photo by RIOCAM

Nick Hissom | The Chameleon

In his young life, Nick Hissom has had many careers—each with its own wardrobe. Yet common threads run through the garb of the model-turned-music-artist-turned-gallerist. “I prioritize the way fabric is cut and falls,” says 30-year-old Hissom, the son of Andrea Hissom Wynn and stepson of art collector and real estate magnate Steve Wynn. “That makes or breaks an outfit.” He signed to Ford Models at 17 and worked as a model throughout his early 20s. He eventually pivoted toward singing and songwriting, signing with Sony and Sony ATV and working with manager Larry Rudolph and producer Steve Morales. When COVID hit, he decided to pursue another professional avenue and opened Aktion Art with his life partner, Kameron Ramirez. At their Palm Beach gallery, the duo has adopted a daytime uniform of black slacks—Hissom’s often by Loro Piana or Ralph Lauren—with white cotton T-shirts. For galas and gallery fetes, Hissom ups the glamour factor, opting for pale pink, lavender, or baby blue double-breasted suits custom made by brands such as Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Brioni, and David August.

2023 Palm Beach Dandie Nick Hissom wearing Alexander McQueen. Photo by RIOCAM
Hissom wearing Alexander McQueen. Photo by RIOCAM

Most important accessory: Confidence On his lapel and wrist: Bespoke evening brooches by Mindy Lam and collector’s edition watches by Rolex Celebrity closet he’d raid: Harry Styles. He’s very out there. I love everything he wears. Street vs. discrete: It depends on the mood, time, and place. My day-to-day in Palm Beach is subtle luxury. But in New York and Paris, I take risks, which may include flashier branding and edgier silhouettes. I’ll wear Balmain sneakers with Diesel leather jackets and pants. Fashion’s next big moment: Gen Z Gothic x ’90s Style mentors: Lana Winters, founder and president of modeling agency VNY, which I recently signed to. She’s a friend and imagemaker who’s helping me in my next phase of branding. I also learned from my stepdad the value of top-quality tailoring. Can never have too many: I’ve got 20 pairs of white sneakers by Balmain, Dior, Alexander McQueen, Nike, Adidas, and Golden Goose. I like a crisp aesthetic. If price were no object: I’d buy everything at Graff. Biggest risk: I wore a one-of-a-kind leather and mink Brioni coat—no shirt—to the Grammys in 2019. I’d wear daring stuff for red carpets. I wore gender-neutral clothes 10 years ago when it was less common. I’m proud I ran with it.

Photography: RIOCAM

Fashion editor: Katherine Lande

Stylist: Zlata Kotmina

Grooming: Natasha Smee, Creative Management, Miami

Wardrobe, this page: Cardigan, shirt, shorts, sunglasses, Alexander McQueen; Silk Sicilia fit suit, rosary necklace, Dolce & Gabbana

Location and car: We Are Curated, Miami

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